The Lift

The Year of the Aurora

Going to California!

Saguaro Sunset

Maricopa Moonrise

Sea of Clouds

Yosemite Ablaze!

Saguaro Blossoms

The Great Smoky Mountains

Timelapse in the Desert Southwest
Available 2014 Dates:    August 18-21, 2018 No matter where we look today, you will see time lapse being used to get your attention. Reality shows, movies, news programs, it doesn’t seem to matter, we are […]
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Lightning and Monsoon Workshop
Available 2018 Dates:  July 20th-24th  //  August 10th-14th Although capturing lightning is dependent upon one element that you cannot supply, you still have lots of homework and planning. Like a good chef, it all comes down […]
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What you will gain from the workshop:
  • A wide variety of lighting and compositional skills
  • Using light and shadow to highlight textures and patterns
  • Color harmony
  • Communicating and capturing portraits of local people
  • Long exposure landscapes and nightscapes
  • Capturing the nighttime sky and Milky Way
Skill level required:
Intermediate and Advanced: Need to have an understanding of your camera operations including manual mode, AV, F Stops and Shutter speed as needed.   Have questions? Content Ken at
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Exploring the Olympic Peninsula by Day and Night
Workshop Dates: July 31st – August 3rd, 2016   Join me in the awe-inspiring Olympic National Park for a four-day photography intensive workshop. This region is known for its three very distinct ecosystems; the lush, […]

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